Since its establishment in 1982, Prodimed has specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of disposable medical devices for the vascular surgery and gynecology fields. In 2001 Prodimed took over Plastimed to extend its expertise to the intensive care fields. For more than thirty years, Plastimed has designed and sold venous access catheter ranges, bronchial sampling procedures,  emergency chest drainage devices, widely used all over the globe.
Quality certificated
ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 13485: 2003 & CE for (Design, manufacture & supply)
Production sites are located in
France, in Plessis Bouchard and in Neuilly en Thelle, less than an hour from Paris, Plastimed manage the entire supply chain, from the supply of the raw materials to deliver to clients in France and around the globe.

- Vascular acces- adult
Central venous
Emergency and Hemodialysis
- Pediatrics
Central venous
Respiratory tract
- Respiratory tract
Pleural drainage
Bronchial sampling
Plastimed  Made in France
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