Your worldwide partner in the laboratory

The family-owned company Boeckel Co (GmbH Co) KG was founded in
1929 and
now exists in the third generation.
The company‘s complete line of laboratory equipment and articles has customers in
all 5 continents.
Boeco offer high quality at competitive prices by a convenient and cost-effective
one-stop supply.

Liquid Handling
Micropipettes, Pipette Tips,Pipette Aids, Series Pipettor,Dispenser, BottleTop Burette
Laboratory Equipment
Balances, Spectrophotometer,Shaker & Stirrer, Heating Mantels
Water Stills, Electrochemistry,Centrifuges
Optical Instruments
Binocular Microskopes, Stereo Microscopes, Monocular Microscopes
Hand Refractometer, Abbe Refractometer
Laboratory Glassware
BOECO Glasware,
Graduated Glassware
Laboratory Plasticware
Reusable Plasticware, Disposable Plasticware
Density, Temperature and Time Measurement
Hydrometers, Timer,Digital Thermometers
Laboratory Filter Paper
quantitative filters, qualititative filters,general purpose, glass microfiber filters
cellulose extraction thimbles, gridded membrane filters,syringe filters.
ENISON Lab & Pharmaceutical Ind. Inc