Titertek-Berthold offers a unique range of products to the Life Science community. Founded in
1996, the company quickly became “Your partner for Luminescence Measurement” according to the claim that was part of the old company name. Focused on bio- and chemiluminescence instrumentation, the most popular instruments in their class were brought to market:
FB14 battery-operated field luminometer,
FB12 and Sirius standalone tube luminometers, and the Orion flagship product line for microplate measurement. Many diagnostic companies chose Berthold instrumentation to complement their reagent technology, to form powerful and reliable diagnostic systems. Berthold Detection Systems GmbH is an FDA registered manufacturer, and is certified against ISO 9001:2008 as well as ISO 13485 (covering medical device regulation). Titertek Instrument Inc. has a 35-year history in the production of assay processing, liquid handling0, detection systems and bench top automation for the performance of microplate assays.
In April 2011, two well-established Life Science companies (Berthold & Titertek) decided to join forces. The new corporate brand is Titertek-Berthold. Their two sites in Huntsville, AL,USA and Pforzheim, Germany will remain the two strong foundations, now under one ownership, continuing to operate under a customer-oriented business strategy. The company is in an exceptional position to serve many life science market segments, worldwide. The clients are found in academic research, biotech research and product development, pharmaceutical research and product development, vaccine development, food research, food quality control, human and veterinary diagnostics, diagnostic research and quality control, and many more.
Titertek-Berthold offers a unique range of products to the Life Science community.
-Microvolume Spectrometer
Compact standalone spectrometer for the measurement of smallest
sample volumes. Color touchscreen, 9 onboard measurement protocols.
-Tube Luminometers
Large selection of highest-sensitivity tube luminometers. From battery-operated
field instrument to flash luminometer with powerful PC-software.
-Microplate Luminometers
Two microplate luminometer models are available. 96- and 384- well
microplates, sample incubation, shaking and up to four reagent injectors.
-Microplate Washers
Powerful workhorses for 96- or 384-well microplate washing. For manual loading or
magazine-based high throughput processing. Also available as washer-dispenser configurations.
-ELISA Workstation
Personal ELISA automation solution. Combines dispensing, incubation shaking
washing and reading in one compact instrument.
-Luminometer Validation Tools
Titertek-Berthold provides complete validation solutions for today’s cGMP/GLP regulated laboratories
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