Research and development
Research and development activity is one of the main features in the strategy of Enison. Where more than 15% of the annual turnover is reinvested. As a result of this research efforts, Enison develops itsproducts with its own technologies.

Technologies oriented to the achievement of highly purified antigens, antibodies and materials:

*Rabbit and goat polyclonal antibody production and purification.

*Polystyrene latex particles in different sizes.

*Technologies oriented to the productions of reagents:

*Latex particle agglutination (slide tests)

*Carbon particle agglutination.


Quality Assurance
All reagents developed by Enison must achieve the most rigid quality standards and must meet the particular needs of the different markets to which they are addressed.The quality assurance departmentat of Enison is responsible for the total quality of the company, submitting all procedures to a very strict control from the conception and research of new product to its final manufacturing and distribution.Enison quality systems has been certified conforming to the
ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012 standards.

As for regulatory affairs, Enison manufacturing processes are subject to a constant control process and have successfully undergone numerous audits and assessments by the most renowned international regulatory agencies:
CE Mark-European Union and Iranian Ministry of Health.
ENISON Lab & Pharmaceutical Ind. Inc